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Sudakshina Kundu started learning classical Indian dance from a very early age. She is trained in Kathak (Indian Classical Dance, Jaipur Gharana) under guidance of Guru Smt.Swasati Mukherjee,director of the famous Dance Institute in Kolkata (India) “Nitrya kala”. She also received training in ‘laya shastrya’ from Tabla Maestro belated Satish Shankar Lodha. Through different workshop in India  Sudakshina also received guidance from famous Kathak dancers, such as belated Guru Smt. Manjushree Chake, Srila Majumder,and guru Smt. Bela Arnab and others. She has attended Scottish ballet workshops to learn the techniques and skills. Sudakshina completed her Jaipur Gharana Kathak dance course under Allahabad University.

She is the former kathak teacher of Scottish Academy of Asian Arts.




Won the Inter-State competition (Chandam) in year 2000.

Awarded the Scholarship for dance performance by Jawaharlal Nehru Institute by taking part in the All India Junior Dance competition in the year 1995.



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